3-2-3 Conversion


SKU: 9009


These harness revisions can be done to our new or re-webbed SFI harnesses. The harness is still classified as a 3” harness, but contours down to a 2” harness by folding and sewing the inside and outside edges where it will come in contact with the HANS® yoke. Then as it reaches the top of the shoulder it returns to a 3” harness. It is specially designed to hold down the HANS yoke with or without the sternum strap. The TEAMTECH® H-3-2-3 Harness revision still complies with the 3” ruling for the fact that when the HANS is not being used by the wearer 3” webbing still is in contact with the driver after simple webbing adjustments. This revision still maintains the strength of a 3” harness.